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Condo Moving ServicesAffordable Moving Company has the experience in ability to move you out of or into a condo fast and without any problems. We specialize in Condo Moving Services where minimum parking, elevators & stairs will be introduced to the group of variables that we must overcome to make your move as smooth as possible. Our team of condo moving specialists have seen it all before so don’t worry. It may be something new to you but this is not our first move of this caliber and we urge you to let us do the heavy lifting. Moving into a condo is different from any other type of move. You need experienced and qualified condo movers to prioritize your needs, communicate with management, and be aware of any limitations that may occur. With many years of relocation experience in full service moves, Affordable Moving Company will provide you with fully equipped well trained movers for your upcoming move. Condo Moving can be an overwhelming experience in any situation, but if you don’t have the right experienced team this particular move can be the most grueling. Our condo movers have the experience, knowledge, and resources to safely and successfully manage your relocation. Moving into a condo is a unique experience. If you are moving from a home into a condo, you will need help properly packing and unpacking your belongings.

Condo Moving Services Jacksonville, FL

Condo MovingAffordable Moving Company wants to be there for you at this crucial time. . If you are relocating from one condo to another, you will still benefit from hiring professional condo movers. Condo housing communities have specific rules to follow. They can have limitations on moving, including additional fees. Our condo movers are experienced in working within the guidelines of your community. They offer expert advice and experience. Condominiums have a unique structure, and can be difficult to navigate. Save your security deposit as our experienced professionals will pack and carefully load your furniture and boxes in the moving truck, making sure your condo is in the same great condition it was the day you moved in. Having a move checklist will make your move out procedure more stress free and successful. Our condo movers are skilled at maneuvering tight spaces and finding access points. Imagine having your new condo set up by professional movers! Condo movers are cost effective. Moving on your own requires many hidden expenses. You may need a moving truck and insurance for your property and belongings, among other costs. When you use professional condo movers from Affordable Moving Company, everything you need for a safe and efficient move is included in the service. You won’t need to take time off of work because you’ll have a team of professionals at your disposal. Our professionals will make sure you use the minimum materials and moving truck space, because they’ll be making sure you use the most of your space.

Condo Moving Services Also Includes:

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  • Packing/Unpacking. Whether you need everything packed or just the most fragile items, most long-distance moving companies offer the services you need. In addition, companies will likely provide unpacking services once you arrive at your new home for an extra fee. Hiring movers to unpack will mean your home will be set up and live-in ready in a day rather than weeks or months.
  • Assembly/Disassembly. Need something large and bulky – including waterbeds, swing sets, furniture, etc. – disassembled at your current home and put back together at the new place? Ask your moving company if it provides services that do just that.
  • Short-term and long-term storage. Are you arriving at your destination city before your new home or apartment will be move-in ready? Then ask your moving company if it provides short-term storage for your belongings while you wait. Or maybe you’re downsizing and need a more permanent storage solution. If that’s the case, many long-distance moving companies have facilities for rent or at least have connections with reputable storage facilities in the area.
  • Custom crating. Certain belongings just won’t fit in a traditional box, whether because it’s too large, fragile, or odd-shaped. That’s where custom crating comes in. Find a moving company that can offer crating services for things like framed artwork, sculptures, or electronic equipment.

If you are in the Duval County area and looking for an experienced condo moving service to get you in or out of your condo or home we are always just a phone call away. Call Affordable Moving Company for all your condo moves!